Service safety assessment and intervention plan


The Service Safety Assessment and Intervention Plan is a risk management tool for you to consider using, modifying or to get ideas to add to your own risk management tools.

 The aim of this tool is to have a single document, which identifies:

  • hazards and associated risk factors along with a tick box of common equipment and tasks that you will likely observe during a risk assessment
  • a risk mitigation intervention plan.

This allows anyone reading the document to have a global perspective on the tasks observed, issues, concerns and strategies to improve care by improving safety.

It is intended to give you a quick list of common safety concerns in community care settings.

It is not intended to be all encompassing.

It is a Word document so you can alter it to meet your needs (see the web site for instructions on how to do this i.e. how to edit a Form).

DOWNLOAD Service Safety Assessment and Intervention Plan Template (WORD)