Exploring hazards and risks

Care delivery in a person’s home environment should be delivered in the least intrusive way possible to the recipient and the household members.

The worker and the Participant both have a right to be safe during a service.

To achieve this, you will need to consider hazards, risk factorsand risks.

  • A hazard is something that has the potential to cause harm.
  • A risk factor is something or someone that creates or adds to a hazard.
  • Risk is the expected level of harm that may occur from a hazard.

    This section of the web site groups hazards by:

  • Participant
  • Carer
  • Support Worker
  • Task
  • Environment in the home
  • Equipment
  • In the community
  • Disasters and emergencies

    For each hazard there are risk factors.

    For each risk factor there are things you can consider in order to minimise the risk.