For task related hazards possible risk factors are listed below.
For these risk factors there are things you can consider in order to minimise the risk.

This is not an exhaustive list. It is a tool to give you ideas that you might want to explore.

 Risk factors

 General considerations

  1. Difficult, physically or mentally tiring
  2. Difficult to perform in loud, busy or rushed environment
  3. Support Worker complains about or avoids doing task or service
  4. Support Worker voices safety concerns
  5. Support Worker reports incidents
  6. Support Worker reports injuries
  7. Support Worker reports not enough time to complete tasks
  8. Support Worker reports feeling pressured, rushed by the Participant or carer
  9. The Participant or carer complain about task quality/ safety
  10. Requires over reaching
  11. Requires reaching above shoulder or below mid-thigh
  12. Requires working very low – below knees
  13. Requires bending or twisting of spine (back or neck)
  14. Requires repetitive movements
  15. Requires sustained postures
  16. Requires awkward postures
  17. Involves manually lifting or moving items
  18. Item is heavy, awkward, large
  19. Item held is wet, slippery or difficult to grasp
  20. Requires very firm and/or sustained grasp
  21. Far distance to travel while carrying, pushing/ pulling heavy or awkward load
  22. Carrying, pushing/ pulling over uneven or wet surfaces
  23. Item is soiled with faeces, wet with body fluids
  24. Takes a long time to complete
  25. Must be completed quickly
  1. Review the task or service procedures. Are they being completed correctly? Can they be commpleted differently and more efficiently? Can items be moved to a more convenient location?
  2. If able, alter light and heavy tasks or task components to allow time for the Support Worker soft tissue recovery.
  3. Allow time for micro breaks and gentle muscle relaxation and stretching between difficult tasks or task aspects.
  4. Review service time. Is it too long or short for the work to be completed?
  5. Are there environmental factors such as hot, cold, humidity, etc. negatively impacting on service delivery?
  6. Would equipment help ease aspects of the service?
  7. Is further training in order?
  8. Would a safety coach or mentor be in order?
  9. Are there Participant or carer behavioural factors contributing to the complaints and avoidance?
  10. Would adding more Support Workers to the service be in order?